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Residency Life

So here we are, in Omaha! Josh matched at the University of Nebraska in Omaha. We have been living here for a month now. We all are enjoying it so much. I’m not sure if we I will enjoy it as much come February, but we’ll see! ;) We bought a 3 bedroom home about 25 min away from the hospital and we love it. So glad to be done renting!

I’ve already gotten involved in the spouse’s organization here and been invited to 2 play dates with Earl. There are even 3 other spouses in our neighborhood alone. And I can’t wait for the fall to join MOPs at our church and maybe do a Bible study.

As for Josh, he is really enjoying his job! He grossed in placentas the other day and the people he worked with were impressed at how well he did. He grossed in a LOT of placentas at the medical center in Bakersfield on a path rotation, so he’s had lots of practice. He also found out last week that he passed the USMLE Step 3, which is the very last exam for USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Exam) that he ever has to take! HOORAY!!!!!! Next onto path boards in a few years. :)

I leave you now with a picture of what we are up to…playing in the backyard, waiting for Daddy to come home.

br />

I don’t know if I will keep up with our blog anymore…I’ve missed documenting so many fun trips and adventures since Earl has been born and I felt like that was our medical school blog. Most people are connected now on Facebook or I can call/text them. I think we will call this the end (although that makes me a little sad) and perhaps there will be a residency blog, who knows. ;)

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We found out yesterday at 11:58 am that Josh matched into a residency position!  This means that he has a job lined up for the next 4 years, starting July 1.  We just don’t know where it is yet!  He interviewed at 17 places, so it could be any of those.  We find out at 1 pm Eastern on Friday, March 15th where we will be moving to.  His top 4 are:

1. Indiana University in Indianapolis

2. University of Iowa in Iowa City

3. Emory University in Atlanta

4. University of Texas-SW in Dallas

This is the LONGEST WEEK EVER.  Josh’s last day of medical school is Friday as well and we will be departing Miami for St. Louis on Saturday.  So we can keep busy packing and trying to enjoy Miami these last few days while we try not to think about Friday!!

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My New Valentine

NOTE: Draft composed on Feb. 18th!  Just going to post it with a few pics.

A lot has happened since I last posted!  We are living in the Miami area now, while Josh completes his medical school rotations.  He just finished 6 weeks of Pediatrics and just started a 4 week Forensic Pathology rotation.  I love this rotation because he was home by lunch time today!

Besides all that medical school stuff, Earl has grown SO MUCH since we left Bakersfield!  While we were in STL, he started crawling (two days before Christmas) and got his first tooth (top left, New Year’s Eve!).  He also stood holding onto things in STL.  Once we got to Miami, he started cruising on the furniture and on Super Bowl Sunday he took his first step!  He grew FIVE (5!) teeth in 6 weeks!  He signed “car” the other day and says “mama” and “dada” (which he started doing in St. Louis).

I had to seriously baby proof our apartment here in Miami, which was a little difficult since it is not our furniture.  It is also hardwood floors with one area rug, which has led to a few bumps and bruises.

Earl loves playing with his dad and we love making him laugh. We had a great Valentine’s Day.  Josh and Earl got up before I did and got me chocolates, flowers, and a card.  Josh got hockey tickets and we went the following Saturday.  I felt so loved because I had not one, but TWO Valentine’s now!

Earl and his dad got me some chocolates

Earl and his dad got me some chocolates

Dr. Love :)

Dr. Love :)


Our Valentine's Day Date

Our Valentine’s Day Date

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So Long Streets of Bakersfield

NOTE: I started this post back on November 8th but never published it!  I am now putting it up here and will be done with it!  I have lots more to blog about and hopefully I’ll get around to it.  This boy is moving around and cruising now, so I’m a little bit more busy now.  :D

I came here looking for something

I couldn’t find anywhere else

Hey, I’m not tryin’ to be nobody

I just want a chance to be myself

I’ve spent a thousand miles of thumbin’

Yes, I’ve worn blisters on my heels

Tryin’ to find me something better

Here on the streets of Bakersfield

Well, have I found something better on the streets of Bakersfield?  I guess you could say so- I had Earl in Bakersfield!  I’m starting to pack and get ready to leave Bakersfield.  I didn’t think I would miss this place, but it’s starting to grow on me.  I just started to feel settled a few months ago and now I’m feeling sentimental.  This short time in our lives will never be back and we will (almost definitely) never live here again.  This is where Earl was born and spent 6 months growing and I have many fond memories of our family expanding here.  I’m starting to get teary just thinking about it and leaving this place I had my first baby.  We can never come back to this time with Earl and that somehow makes me sad.
I am excited for the adventures to come, that is for sure.  I am so so excited that we will be home with family for the holidays.  And very excited to spend the awful winter months in warm Florida.  And then finding out where the 4 years after that will be and settling there.  I guess I just am sad my baby isn’t so little anymore and I won’t even have the connection to that in physical location…does that make sense?  The memories are all here and I won’t be able to drive by the hospital where he was born or the park where he first went in a swing.  Boy, I am making myself sad typing this all out!  I should come up with some reasons I am glad to leave Bakersfield, haha!
1. Libraries and schools are in poor shape, IMO.  Bankrupt state=cut funding.
2. HOT summers.  Ugh 110 degrees without humidity still is unbearable.
3. No snow.  Gotta have snow at least once a winter!  And I want my kids to experience snow days!
4. A sad excuse for a fall.  The leaves are starting to fall but there are very few ‘pretty’ trees.
5. Dusty.  I have always feared one of us (Moose included) getting cocci (terrible lung disease AKA Valley Fever).  Plus our cars never stay clean.
6. No Steak ‘N Shake, Imo’s or Ted Drewes.  ‘Nuff said.
Bye bye Bako

Bye bye Bako

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6 month boy & Halloween

This boy is growing leaps and bounds now that he is eating solids.  Over a week ago we went for his 6 month check up and shots.  He weighed 15 lbs & 14 oz (25th percentile) and was 28 inches long (87th percentile!!).  Only one more inch left before he outgrows his infant car seat!  I’d better get shopping! 

He was a tired, hungry boy when he got his shots, so he was not a happy camper.  He got 4(!!) shots and one oral vaccine.  He has to go back and get a booster on the flu shot, which we will do in St. Louis.

This month also included Halloween, which he kinda dressed up for.  I bought a brown onesie and used felt and glue to make it look like a turkey.  I also bought candy corn leggings to complete the ensemble.  I plan on using it for Thanksgiving too!  We didn’t go anywhere or do anything…Josh was on his way back from Philly after being delayed a day due to Hurricane Sandy.  I turned the lights off so I wouldn’t have Moose waking Earl up.  It was quite the disappointment for me on Halloween as I love dressing us all up.  We had planned on making potato donuts (Josh’s family tradition) and eating candy and watching Halloween movies.  But, maybe next year will be better, especially since Earl will be old enough to go trick or treating.  Last year on Halloween Josh was at the hospital and I celebrated alone with Moose then too.  It was the first time a stranger asked me if I was pregnant though, which was an exciting day for me!

My Early bird is a turkey!


I am starting to stress about moving and packing.  We have less than 2 weeks to go until we are out of here.  It is really hard to pack with Earl.  He likes to be played with if not napping.  He isn’t content to play alone.  So I must work on packing while he naps!  Here is our moving plan (if you are interested).  A moving company is bringing storage containers to our complex.  We will fill them over the course of 2 days.  They come pick them up and store them here in Bakersfield.  I fly to St. Louis with the babe and dog; Josh drives.  Josh’s parents and my dad are coming to help too (thank goodness).  I just have to figure out what we need for 6 weeks in STL and then 10 weeks in Miami, and then another ~4 weeks or so in STL, and bring it all to St. Louis with us.  Sound complicated?  It is.  Wish me luck!

I leave you with a funny story.  Tonight I bravely decided to give Earl a bath on my own.  He had an unusually messy dinner.  Usually we tag team it and shower with Earl as we don’t like the infant tub and he wasn’t big enough to sit up in the tub by himself.  He is sitting up so well I decided he was ready.  I got him ready, bubbles made, and towel and camera ready.  I get him in, and he starts fussing right away.  Not screaming like he used to, but just kind of worried.  Moose decided he shouldn’t be alone in there and jumped right in.  (!!)  He loves that boy!  I think Earl felt a little better, but was still not too happy.  I couldn’t quite get him to smile, but I think he decided the bath wasn’t terrible.  Once he realizes he can play in the bath I think he will do better.

Two Brothers Bathe

Not sure, but not crying! It’s a start!

I guess I should update you on Josh as well!  He has been interviewing for Pathology residency positions.  He has been on two interviews thus far and will go on three more before we leave Bako.  Then he has some in the Midwest he can drive to while we are home in St. Louis.  It has worked out nicely that way.  He has a few more planned too while we are in Miami that he will fly to.  He is still doing rotations at the hospital (right now Renal) and will do 2 more in Miami (peds again and another pathology).  It has been exciting to hear where we gets interviews, but a bit frustrating because I wish there were more in and around St. Louis.  Please pray for wisdom in Josh’s ranking of where he wants to go and also that programs will rank him highly so he will match!

One more thing to note: today Earl went to the nursery in church and was having such a swell time that he didn’t want to leave.  The lady playing with him took away the car he was playing with and he was so upset until I took him.  This is a real improvement, but I know some days are good and others not so much!  He is a real mama’s boy since I stay at home with him all day.  I enjoy it, but to an extent, because this momma likes to do things on her own sometimes! (i.e. classes at the gym, run errands while daddy’s home, go to Bible study, etc.)  I love our bond though and love him so much too.   I know this is what I am to do right now in this stage of my life.

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Family Time in Vegas

Awhile back my dad told me that my brother was going to be in Las Vegas at the end of September and that he was going to meet up with him there too (my dad is currently working in Salt Lake City).  He asked if we could meet up too and I said yes!  Josh was doing a rotation he could leave early and we could have a nice weekend visiting my brother and dad.

We drove down one evening around Earl’s bedtime and he quickly fell asleep for the almost 5 hour car ride.  We got to the room my dad got at the Wynn and Earl enjoyed getting to see his uncle and grandpa again since he last saw them in July.  Josh and I tried to go play a few slots, but Earl wasn’t happy, so we came back and went to bed!

Grandpa, Uncle & E

Friday morning, Earl got up and Josh played with him in our spacious bathroom.

Bathroom, complete with tv

My brother and dad were still sleeping and so the 3 of us left to walk around a little.  We went to the Venetian, which we loved walking around the last time we went to Vegas.  I don’t know if you realize, but there is no one out on the strip in Vegas at 8 am on a Friday morning.  :D  So we enjoyed the peace and quiet and just walked around and got some iced coffee.  Later, we took a picture similar to one we took last year:

The Venetian September 2011 (Earl about 10 weeks in utero)

The Venetian September 2012 (Earl 5 1/2 months)

The one thing we really wanted to do was a Las Vegas buffet.  So we went to check the prices at the Wynn and figure out when we wanted to go.  We wanted the lunch prices but the dinner had all the good seafood Josh wanted!  We asked a cashier when dinner started, and she told us 3:30, but she said we should come at 2:45 and get the lunch price but stay til dinner was served!  Sneaky!  ;)  So that is what we did and it was a pretty good buffet.  Earl napped in his carrier and then even enjoyed some toast.

And then proceeded to get mad when someone tried to take away said toast.  :D

Friday we also went to the pool, once it was in the shade of the building, and Earl LOVED swimming.  He has never had that much fun in a pool before.  He just kicked and kicked and kicked.  And kicked some more.

Saturday we decided to drive to the other end of the strip, since we had never been in that area before.  We walked through the MGM (where Josh placed a sports bet for him and his dad- Josh picked the Rangers to win the World Series and his dad the Cardinals…and look who is out of the series, lol!  Josh seems to put a curse on whomever he picks).  Then we saw NY, NY from afar and spent the majority of our time in the M&M store and CocaCola store.  I loved it!

Josh at the MGM

Me and the Yellow Peanut M&M just chillin’

We left Saturday night in hopes Earl would fall asleep on the way home at his bedtime…which he did…much later.  Oh well, you win some, you loose some.  Overall, it was a fun (but tiring) few days!  We had a good time visiting my family and seeing the sights.

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6 Months

6 Month Birthday

Can you believe how the time has flown by????!  I can’t.  My little boy is now 6 months old.  Time, please stop going so fast, I love this little man!  When we were at Disney, I saw a smaller baby than Earl and missed that size baby!  I love how he is growing and learning, but at the same time, I miss my tiny little guy.

He is now finally 15 pounds, but a long 27 inches.  We are finally breaking out the fall clothes here and I just love his little hat my dad got for him.  The tag actually said it is a toddler hat!

He is sitting up well and we finally put him in a highchair at Bread Co today (October 14th).  He sat like a champ!  He loved it and was so proud of himself.  We went for a walk in a park nearby and we decided to try out the baby swing too!  He loved that as well!  I forgot my camera in the car though :(  He just started sitting in the shopping cart too on October 15th and loved it!  He just loves looking around at everything and being up high.  I love not having to lug in a car seat!

My two MEN!

If I’m lucky, he’ll take two long naps, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  More often than not, however, he takes 3 shorter naps during the day.  He’s had one cold already, which I took him to the dr. for ease of mind on my part.  He caught it the first week I took him to the nursery in church and Bible study.  Poor thing, he had a runny nose, then cough.  :(

He loves still when I sing, dance, and play with him.  We had a few lunch picnics with Daddy recently, and he LOVED grabbing the grass and getting all dirty.

Picnic lunch

The same day we also went on a tour of Dewar’s, a local candy and ice cream joint in Bakersfield.  It was really cool to see the candy being made and then enjoy some ice cream at the end of the tour.  :)  Don’t worry, Earl didn’t get any…but he really wanted some!

Ice cream at Dewar’s

He is eating lots of other solids now, including oatmeal, toast, prunes, carrots, watermelon, applesauce, green beans, chicken, turkey, squash, blueberry, mixed veggies, summer veggies, and he has sucked on grapes, zucchini, orange, and even garlic and lemon (which he wasn’t fond of the last two, big surprise!).  He also has some baby crackers that dissolve easily that keeps him busy while we eat.

Love him and can’t wait to see what the next 6 months bring!

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Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

Way back when I was a naive pregnant lady, I signed up for the Disneyland Half Marathon.  I convinced my friend Kelsey to come too.  Well, the end of August came, and Kelsey flew into Bako for our magical weekend.

She came in on a Thursday.  Thursdays at our nearby shopping area have free concerts in the summer.  We decided to head up there and get some free entertainment.  Of course, it was mainly playing with Earl on the grass instead of paying attention to the music, but that is ok!

Friday we just hung out and pizza and fro yo (our typical Friday evening in the Akers household).  Saturday we left for Anaheim to check in and get our race numbers and all that.

Unfortunately, about a month prior, Kelsey sprained her ankle.  Poor Kelsey :(  So she couldn’t run with me.  I don’t know who was bummed out more, her or me!  But, she was a great navigator and photographer for the weekend!  She got up early with me to get to the start of the race while E and J slept (the race started at 5:45 in the AM!).

I started out slow, near the 12 minute pacer.  After the first mile though, I was feeling pretty good, so I left them behind.  I got very emotional around mile 2.  I just felt all alone amongst 17,000 people and started to wonder why I signed up for the race.  I left my baby behind and I was so worried he would need me.  This was the longest amount of time I have ever been away from my baby and I just had images in my mind of me finishing the race and he would be screaming.  I almost started bawling and stopping and walking.  But, I decided I should push through, finish as fast as I could, and get back to my baby.  Every mom needs an outlet and to be healthy, and I should have one too.

Going through the park was so cool and I loved it so much after my little emotional pep talk to myself.  I had never been in California Adventure Park, so it was neat to see everything, including the new Cars land.  (It felt like you were in Radiator Springs, so cool!)  The lines were long for all the characters to take pictures with, so I only stopped twice for ones with short lines.  Red from Cars (the fire engine) and Merida from Brave were the only two I stopped at.  I really wish I had brought my own camera or cell phone to take pics as I ran.  Oh well.  I ended up buying some from the photographers that Disney hired.

After mile 4, I was out of the Disney parks and into the city of Anaheim.  There were lots of cheerleaders, bands, dancers, and even classic cars along the way.  It was really neat to see and definitely kept me entertained the whole way.  Also, just looking at all the costumes people wore was fun to look at!  The spectators and even fellow runners were so encouraging and nice.  There was one lady right before I entered Angel’s Stadium, that had a shirt that said she was pregnant, so she would take frequent bathroom breaks, haha!  I talked to her and she was really nice and I told her about Earl.  :)

Angel’s stadium was really cool to run through!  We ran on the outer edge of the outfield and there were spectators cheering us on inside.  Lots of people with signs and lots of Boy Scouts.  One guy stopped on the field to take a picture and got yelled at for stepping an inch on the grass, haha!  They were serious about that grass.

The rest of the run was just mental, and I slowed down a little bit.  It was warming up.  I told Josh and Kelsey that they didn’t need to look for me, and I would be slow, but I saw them about a mile or two from the finish line.  And thank goodness, Earl was crying!  It was great to see them and I felt so loved.  :)

When I finished, I realized my knee hurt pretty bad!  I had an IT band injury a few years ago, and it came back.  I’ve been taking it easy ever since.  I finished a lot faster than I anticipated (I wasn’t training very well since I was home and then my hip started hurting in August after a 10 mile run) at 2:16:38!  In St. Maarten, my half marathon time was around 2:33.  Granted, this race was a LOT flatter and had a lot more spectators to cheer you on!

I finished and started looking for Josh and Kels.  About 5 min later, Josh found me and we went back to the hotel.  I napped, we went to the pool, and we went to a Brazilian steakhouse for dinner.  :)

Then on Monday, we hit up Disneyland.  Kelsey had never been to either Disneyland or Disney World!  I think she had fun, and I had a blast because this time I got to go on rides I couldn’t before when I was pregnant.  I really liked Indiana Jones, and that might be my new favorite ride!  Space Mountain just made me really dizzy, but it was pretty cool too!

We headed back Monday night and got back really late.  We were all tired, and Earl was cranky (you know, from the car ride) and said good bye to Kels since she had an early morning flight.

I’d say it was a success, since I came home and started researching runs in Disney World for next year!  I signed up for the Princess Half Marathon in February…can’t wait!

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Earl’s Adventures in Missouri and Beyond

After Christmas last year I booked tickets to fly home to St. Louis in July.  We’ve had a lot of visitors come see Earl, but a lot of people couldn’t come out (i.e. some grandparents, etc.).  I was really looking forward to this trip but knew I would miss Josh a lot.  After Earl arrived, I started worrying about the plane ride and other aspects of the trip.  When you’re pregnant for the first time, I don’t think you realize how difficult getting around with a baby is!  To make the plane ride a little easier, I bought some Starbursts for my fellow passengers and distributed them with this note:

“He may be good, he may be bad, I hope he doesn’t make you mad!  Here’s something to make your flight a little sweeter.”

Thank you, Pinterest.

I got a few chuckles and thank yous.  Fortunately, Earl was pretty quiet and slept a lot of the two flights home.  I had a few women offer to help me who took pity on this mama flying solo with her baby.  It really touched me that people offered to help!

We got to St. Louis and drove to Branson.  Long drive for Earl.  He was not happy the last hour or so.  But, we had a fabulous time with the family and made lots of memories!  Lots of fun pool time with Great-Grandpa T. and play time with cousins.

One thing I’ll never forget is getting stuck on a ride in Silver Dollar City!  We waited forever for Thunderation (which had actually been closed when we first got there since someone threw up on the ride and they had to clean it up, ew), and finally got on it.  Halfway through, the ride stopped when we were going up a hill in a shed.  We waited awhile and someone from the park came and said they had to stop it because some kid went over a fence.  We had to wait longer still to get out, then take a bus back to the park.  I was with Josh’s dad in the very last car and didn’t mind waiting at all!  We were back there with Jenny and Dylan in front of us, joking around.  I finally did start to worry if Earl was okay without me.  Thank goodness I had just fed him right before the ride!  Josh’s mom was watching him for me.  The people waiting for us were very worried since the people from the park didn’t tell them why the ride stopped.  But it all worked out okay because they refunded everyone’s money!

Our second week was spent with my grandparents in Illinois and visiting more family in St. Louis.  We also saw some of my dearest friends, Cait and Kels.

However, it was so good to see family and for Earl to meet them (and vice versa) for the first time.  It was a fun trip.  Josh’s cousin flew back with us for a little California vacation.  He was so much help getting on and off the planes.

We flew to LAX and Josh picked us up.  We stayed the night and did some sightseeing the next day.

We visited the La Brea tar pits (I highly recommend going to the pits and the museum, they were awesome!) and the Santa Monica pier (gotta see the ocean when you’re in CA, right?).  Then we drove home and didn’t do much of anything!  The boys played video games and played in the pool, none of which I took pictures of.  :)  Oh, and Josh and Dylan went to Six Flags one day while Earl and I stayed home.  I think Dylan got an education in raising a baby!

Earl met so many new family members that he can’t wait to see again in November!

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Updates on these boys & 4 month appointment

*I started this post 3 weeks ago and never published it.  These guys keep me busy!  I still need to blog about Earl’s trip home and our trip to Disney.  We’ve had a busy summer!*

Josh has said this year has officially beat last year.  Obviously, Earl arrived, but he also got his score for the USMLE Step 2 Clinical Knowledge exam and he did great!  He did even better than Step 1, so he was very happy.  His New Year’s resolution was met.  :)  I am extremely proud to be his wife!  Then we went and stuffed our faces with seafood at Red Lobster (endless shrimp anyone?).  Sorry, no pics!

The next step for Josh is applying for residency, which he does online.  He applies on a website and hospitals can start looking at his application on September 15th (I believe).  Then he will start getting calls and emails to set up interviews.

Unfortunately, I think I am going to have to break my resolution of running a marathon this year.  :(  My reasons are many:

1. It’s expensive.  I want to do a fun one, like in Disney, but the cost of the race is usually around $100 for normal ones, $150 for Disney, plus hotel, gas, etc.  Right now we have to be saving our money for residency interviews for Josh.

2.  I’ve had some hip pain.  This half marathon coming up is going to be a challenge since I’ve stopped training as hard.  I did 10 miles a few weeks ago and that is when it started.

3. I’m not getting enough sleep!  I just feel tired most days since Earl is still getting up at night.  I also don’t know how he would do for 5 hours without me!

4. The training.  When I ran 10 miles with Earl, it was awful.  He slept half the time, but then the second half he pretty much cried the whole time.  I don’t know that Josh would always be available to watch him.

So with all that, I’ve decided it is not the season in my life to do a marathon.  Maybe once Earl is sleeping through the night and Josh’s schedule is more stable.

I just have to say how much I love this boy.  Here are some facts about our Earl:

1. He is growing too fast (almost doubled his weight now) and growing up.  We just got a high chair, which he will tolerate for about 10 minutes while mommy does some dishes or cooks.

2. He loves “The Wheels on the Bus” and pretty much any singing in general.

3. Now when I change his diapers, he wants to play with the stuff on the table (I keep lotion and hand sanitizer on it).

4. The past two weeks Josh hasn’t had to go in too early, so he will get up and play with Earl for a little while so I can sleep longer.  Earl is still getting up about 2x a night, sometimes more.  When he does sleep for a long time, I miss him!  I love his nighttime cuddles.

5. He has a bee toy that he likes to play with in the car.

6. Moose will lay next to him on the floor and he grabs Moose’s hair sometimes, but Moose is patient.  Once he pulled really hard and Moose yelped (oops!).

7.  This boy is LONG.  And his feet are too!  He doesn’t fit 3-6 month socks and hasn’t for awhile.  All his socks are 6-12 months now.  He fits his 0-3 month pants in the waist perfectly now.  But they are highwaters, haha!  They are definitely too short.  More like capris, hehe.

In other news, I have been busy arranging things for the next 8 months of our life.  After Josh got his score on Wednesday, I couldn’t sleep that night, thinking of everything I needed to do.  It was like I realized we really are moving on!  I needed to contact the moving company, get plane tickets for myself and Sandi to fly home, plus Moose and Earl, and get our place in Miami finalized.  Plus figure out what I’m going to do for insurance for Earl while we are traveling all over.  I’ve got the moving and plane stuff all booked.  I have to fill out some paperwork for Miami and have yet to decide on the insurance question for Earl.  But I feel better and less stressed about it all now that I have some of it done.

On Sunday and today (Sept 12) Earl went to the nursery in church and Bible study, respectively.  In church, he lasted almost an hour and then they paged us to come get him.  He was fine once I got him.  The nursery lady said she thought he was teething (fist in mouth, lots of drool, etc.).  Then in Bible study today, he was asleep when I dropped him off.  Bible study is 2 hours long, with a small group first and then a large group lecture.  I checked in on him after the small group and fed him.  I just have to say, God bless the women working in the infant room!!!  I think I checked in right when a meltdown happened for about half the kids.  There were 9 kids and 4 ladies working.  They were very good and they even tell the infants a little Bible lesson and sing them songs.  I fed Earl and buckled him in a chair with a toy and he was fine.  Another little girl older than him was trying to play with him.  I think it is going to be really good for him to go in a nursery and get used to other people and interact with other kids.

Sorry this is such a long, rambly post, but it’s been awhile and I still have more posts to write!  Oh, and update on the dr- we are just driving 1/2 hour to the same nurse practitioner and his 4 month appt was an annoying ordeal in which they didn’t have his shots and we ended up at the old place.  Long story short- he got all his shots and was hardly fazed by them.  I think he hated the oral vaccine more than the shots!  He was 14 lbs even and 26.5 inches long, which is 25th percentile for weight and 86th percentile for height.  Long boy!

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